​​​A​S​P I​Elutely Fabulous​​

​About Us

We are a diverse trio formed of an autistic public speaker, a chartered clinical psychologist and a speech and language therarpist.

We had worked a number of jobs togther as colleagues, we instantly had a great working rapport with one another
and it wasn't long until we became friends too.
We quickly realised we made a truly unique team!

We discovered we had a golden opportunity and real potential here to really make a genuine difference
in furthering the understanding and acceptance of autism
if we pooled together both our personal and professional resources.

And so we did and ASPIElutely Fabulous was born.

We are quite unlike any ordinary autism consultancy or training team
as together we are able to offer multidimensional delivery and perspectives that segway seemlessly and give autism
the true depth it deserves and really enables us to 'bring autism off the page' in our teaching style.

​Meet the team

  1. Dr Lesley Taylor
    Dr Lesley Taylor
    Chartered clinical pyschologist
  2. Gail Paterson
    Gail Paterson
    Speech and language therapist
  3. Stasia Gibbs-Lewis
    Stasia Gibbs-Lewis
    Autistic autism consultant