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Who we are and what we do

ASPIElutely Fabulous is a partnership formed between an autistic autism consultant & public speaker and two highly skilled clinicians working together to offer a unique approach to autism training and consultancy.

As a varied group of trainers, we offer diverse perspectives on autism offering a wealth of knowledge from the fields of clinical psychology, speech and language therapy as well as lived expertise in autism.

We pride ourselves in taking the focus away from the traditional models of impairment to a broader view of autism that considers strengths and difficulties from a holistic point of view.

The training we provide is bespoke as we tailor the training to meet your personal and/or your organisation's needs.

Unlike standard autism training we see the absolute relevance of both clinical evidence based approaches as well as incorporating crucial autistic narrative and insight.

In this way we believe this unique approach breaks the mould.

​​Who we do it for

​​Here at ASPIElutely Fabulous we know that educating people about autism is the key to bring about change and encourage a more inclusive society for all - so as such we will happily give our unique brand of training to anyone who requests it.
Here are just some who have already commission us and our services;
                                                         University training programs,
                                                  schools and colleges,
                                                   work placements,
                                                   families and so on

Hear what some of them had to say about ASPIElutely Fabulous:


​​Gail, Stasia and Lesley spoke at the Greater Manchester Autism Consortium “Women and Autism” event in February 2016 and were excellent. Stasia told us this was the first time she had done anything like this and we were all amazed as she seemed a natural to all of us! All three of them raised really important points that spoke to the whole audience who were a mix of professionals and people with lived experience. I am really excited to hear that they have now formed ASPIEloutely fabulous and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Mari Saeki
Greater Manchester Autism Consortium project
​​"Stasia Gibbs-Lewis is one of the best speakers that we have had at Space4Autism.  She has delivered workshops/talks to our members and we also asked her to present to some of our local schools in telling the children from primary upto secondary age what it is like being on the Autistic Spectrum.

Stasia communicated fantastically to the young people and we had some great feedback from all the schools.  We are hoping to be able to roll this out next year to more schools.

Stasia’s talks/workshops are from the heart yet full of vital information for parents/carers and I know from being a parent myself just how much the other members have learnt from Stasia’s experiences.

She not only informs parents/carers but we also invite professionals to come to our talks and again they have gone away stating just how informative they have found her presentation’s.

We are in the process of booking more workshops/talks with Stasia as our members have been asking “when is she coming again”.

I would highly recommend Stasia to anyone out there who would like to hear more about Autism as she delivers her presentations in a humorous yet factual way."

Cheryl Simpson
​​In response to the very first Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy) autism lectures we gave back in February 2016: 

“Thanks for the session you delivered to our post graduate trainee clinical psychologists. They found the morning to be a really useful combination of clinical and personal approaches and the trainers to be engaging and insightful."

- Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programme,
University of Manchester.​
​​"I recently attended a talk delivered by Stasia Gibbs-Lewis regarding Autism in women. I found the talk to be very informative and it left me interested to ‘know more’. Stasia had a very unique approach and I felt that she kept my interest throughout. I am hoping to commission Stasia to undertake further presentations for myself (and my colleagues) at work. Overall, I found the information that Stasia provided to be very enlightening (and helpful to my line of work) and I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Nichola Welsby
Social Worker 
Children with Disabilities Team​​
​​"Stasia is an inspirational speaker - we have much to learn from her experiences as a parent but especially as a woman on the spectrum.
Engaging, funny and full of life - if you are interested in autism you need to meet this remarkable lady!"

Sarah Brady
Speech and language therapist​​
​​"I think that Stasia's presentations are very well presented and down to earth. She explained how she felt in great detail and I think it made people realize what it's like. I also think the fact that she added jokes here and there was great because it took away from the seriousness of it."

(teenage attendant of Stasia's 'Neuro-Nomad' talk held at Space4Autism)​​